Welcome to Buffoon Film and Media.

Whether you’re looking for video production, event filming, podcasting or live streaming, our team of experienced creatives can make it happen.



If you're looking to live stream your next event, get in touch and we'll talk you through the whole process. We offer a single camera or multi camera set up along with full vision mixing to add titles and graphics.



We offer:

  • multi-camera set up;
  • scoreboard, timer and other graphics depending on sport;
  • instant replays;
  • include your graphics on screen;
  • full screen and part screen advertising before, during and after game; and
  • full game and/or highlights transferred to USB shortly after streaming.



We film:

  • conferences / business events;
  • Q&A sessions;
  • business announcements;
  • and more!

We offer:

  • multi-camera set up;
  • include graphics to feature company branding;
  • full screen and part screen advertising before, during and after event; and
  • live Twitter and Facebook Feeds on screen.



We can stream to most platforms with the most popular being Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. We also have the option to do Pay Per View streams.



Our top tips for an awesome stream are:

1. Plan ahead - it’s extremely important for a successful live stream. It's important to think about your audience and how they will watch it, which is why choosing carefully which platform to use is crucial. It’s also important for us to plan ahead which is why we always carry out a site visit at the venue to make sure that there is adequate space for our cameras, vision mixing equipment and the internet connection is good enough. If there's a poor connection or no internet at all, we carry mobile data routers that we can use to upload the stream.
2. Marketing - don't forget to tell your potential audience about the stream in advance and just before the event. Use social media to post the link to the stream regularly and send e-mail marketing campaigns to make sure you get the highest viewing figures possible. The majority of streaming platforms will give you real-time and extensive viewing analytics after the event for you to see how successful it was.
3. Use experts - using a specialist production company is really important as a good live stream relies on people who know what they are doing. Our live service will give you an experienced camera crew and vision mixer to make sure you get the best stream possible.



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