Live Streaming - what’s all the fuss about?

23 / 10 / 2017

So you’ve probably heard us mentioning one of our most popular services, live streaming, on our social channels lately. Some may think that live streaming is only for big budget productions, but the truth is it’s a lot more affordable than you may think.




As the number of events that we film live increases, we thought we’d share some interesting statistics about it:

  1. Internet audiences are viewing more live content than ever before—81% viewed more in 2016 than they did in 2015. (Mediakix)
  2. 63% of millennials have watched live content and 42% have created it, making this group the largest consumers and creators of live video. (eMarketer)
  3. Eighty percent of people would rather watch live video created by a brand than read a blog. (Livestream)
  4. The search term “Facebook Live Stream” has increased in popularity more than 330% since Facebook Live’s debut in August 2015. (Mediakix)
  5. As of June 2016, most of the companies publishing on Facebook Live were outside of the U.S. At that time, the top publisher was Mercedes-Benz, with a total of 38 live videos. (Socialbakers)
  6. Facebook Live videos are watched three times longer than videos that aren’t live. (Mediakix)
  7. In June 2016, organisations streamed almost 200 live videos on their Facebook pages—six times more than they streamed only six months earlier. (Socialbakers)


As you can see, live video is growing rapidly! If you’re looking to plan one for your business or organisation, here are some tips:


Planning ahead is extremely important to a successful live stream. We will help you plan your content to keep your viewers engaged throughout the stream. It's important to think about your audience and how they will access the stream, which is why choosing carefully which platform to use, is crucial. Luckily, we can stream to 29 different platforms, including:

  • YouTube;
  • Facebook;
  • Periscope;
  • UStream;
  • Twitch;
  • and many more!

We always carry out a site visit at the venue to make sure that there is adequate spaces for our cameras, vision mixing equipment and the internet connection is good enough. If there's a poor conncection or no internet at all, we carry mobile data routers that we can use to upload the stream.
We also have access to platforms where you can charge viewers to access the stream and we can include event sponsors and advertising opportunites.

Don't forget to tell your potential audience about the stream in advance and just before the event. Use social media, post the link to the stream regularly and send e-mail marketing campaigns to make sure you get the highest viewing figures possible. The majority of streaming platforms will give you real-time and extensive viewing analytics after the event for you to see how successful it was.

Using a specialist production company is really important as a good live stream relies on people who know what they are doing. Our live service will give you an experienced camera crew and vision mixer to make sure you get the best stream possible.


If you’d like a chat about live streaming your next event, head over to our live streaming page


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