Video production for any purpose.

If you’re looking for video production, our videographers can assist you and your team in reaching your video goals. Our services range from brainstorming and ideation, scriptwriting, production, and post production. We can even assist you with marketing, training and distribution.

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Yes, we can film it! From everything, to anything.

If you're organising an event, let Buffoon Film and Media cover it! Whether you want a simple DVD of the whole event or a five minute highlights video, we have the equipment and the skills to make it happen. You can check out the benefits of event filming in this blog post.


Events we have covered:

  • Concerts;
  • Conferences;
  • Theatre Performances;
  • Residential Events;
  • Launch and Celebration Events;
  • Award Ceremonies
  • Product / Service Launches;
  • Staff Away Days;
  • and more!


For businesses looking for regular video production, we also offer annual contracts saving up to 30% off our standard rates starting from just five hours per month (editing inclusive).



Quick Turnaround

We can turn videos around in as little as 30 minutes and we can even edit on the go during events to get them up online or on screen as soon as possible! Please get in touch to talk with one of our Producers so that we can work out an accurate turnaround time for your production. 



If you want us to condense your event down to a few minutes, it's a highlights video that you need. Our team will film your event with how ever many cameras you need and our experienced editor will produce a short and snappy video for you.

We also offer an on-site editor, where we can edit on the go during your event and upload to the internet throughout the day.


Entire Event

Perfect for concerts or theatre performances, we can film the whole event with as many cameras as you need, our editor will then edit your event in it's entirety, delivering it either online or on DVD.


Live Streaming

We're fully kitted with some awesome live streaming equipment and the crew to go with it. If you'd like to stream your event to the world or a select audience, we have the experience and technology to do it. Please visit our Live Streaming page for more information.




Get in touch!


E-mail: video@buffoonfm.co.uk

Give us a call: 01639 680364


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